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The Significance of Pickles in Indian Feasts

Indian cuisine is a vibrant tapestry of flavours, where every dish tells a story. Amidst this culinary richness, pickles hold a special place of prominence. These tangy, spicy condiments are more than just accompaniments; they are an integral part of Indian feasts, especially in the context of South Indian cuisine. Let’s explore the significance of pickles in Indian feasts and how Eswary’s Kitchen is rekindling the essence of traditional flavours in the modern, fast-paced kitchens of today.

The Role of Pickles in Indian Feasts

Pickles are not mere side dishes; they are flavour enhancers that elevate the taste of the entire meal. South Indian cuisine is known for its bold and complex flavours, and pickles play a pivotal role in achieving these flavours. The sour, spicy, and sometimes sweet notes of pickles complement the diverse range of dishes served in Indian feasts.

Pickles serve as digestive aids. The tangy and spicy elements of pickles stimulate the digestive juices and help in the digestion of heavy and rich Indian dishes. They are, in a way, the perfect palate cleansers between courses. Check out Eswary’s Puliyinji (Tamarind Ginger Pickle) which is a classic example!

Pickles have deep cultural roots in India. They are often homemade, following age-old family recipes. Many Indian households take pride in their unique pickle recipes, which are handed down through generations. These recipes are a part of the family's culinary heritage and are shared during feasts and special occasions. Malayalis across the world would travel back to their grandma’s kitchen every time they think of Kadumanga or Tender Mango pickles.


Preserving the Essence: Eswary's Kitchen is dedicated to preserving the essence of South Indian pickles. In a world where convenience often takes precedence over tradition, Eswary's Kitchen stands firm in its commitment to crafting pickles the way they were meant to be – preservative-free, using home-grown spices, and following time-honoured recipes.


Handcrafted with Love: Each jar of pickle from Eswary's Kitchen is a labour of love. The pickles are handcrafted with meticulous care, ensuring that every ingredient is selected for its quality and authenticity. From the plucking of homegrown spices to the sun-drying of raw mangoes, every step in the pickle-making process is a testament to their dedication.


A Journey to the Past: When you taste a pickle from Eswary's Kitchen, you embark on a journey back in time. These pickles transport you to the kitchens of grandmothers, where culinary wisdom was passed down through generations.


Diverse Range of Flavors: Eswary's Kitchen offers a diverse range of pickles, catering to a variety of tastes. Whether you prefer the fiery heat of red chilies, the tanginess of raw mangoes, or the sweetness of dates, there's a pickle for everyone.


Convenience Without Compromise: In today's fast-paced world, convenience is key. Eswary's Kitchen brings the convenience of ready-made pickles without compromising on quality. Their pickles are easy to incorporate into modern recipes, making them a staple in busy kitchens.


3Embracing Innovation: While preserving tradition is their priority, Eswary's Kitchen is not averse to innovation. They continuously explore new ways to enhance the taste and quality of their pickles, marrying old recipes with new techniques.

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